Implementation Standards

What does it mean to implement an evidence based model?

To the model developer as well as to the service deliverer, implementation means “adoption”. Implementation must insure that the evidence based program/practice (EBP) can be not only effective, but also sustained over time.

Implementation is not an Event is a Process, and research indicates this process can take from 3-5 years, sometimes longer.

The Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami™ works with the agencies' staff, with community partners, and with stakeholders to produce and develop a full systematic context that supports efficacy and success from referral to completion of each case. For this purpose, FTTIM consults and coaches the agencies in all matters related to the core components---drivers--- of the organizational implementation plan.

The Implementation Drivers are interactive processes that have the maximum potential for influencing staff behavior and organizational functioning. These drivers, shown below, are also compensatory in nature in that a weakness in one can be overcome by strengths in another: